Years 7 to 9
Data Index

Activity: Lengths of Leaves
Bar Graphs
Data Graphs (Bar, Line, Pie)
Definition of Range (statistics)
How to Do a Survey
Line Graphs
Make a Bar Graph
Pie Chart
Showing the Results of a Survey
Survey Questions
The Range (Statistics)
Activity: Garden Area
Definition of Estimate
Definition of Estimation
Definition of Surface Area
Estimation (Introduction)
Estimation Games
Estimation Tips and Tricks
Introduction to Percentages
Visual Estimation
What is Area?
Calculate the Straight Line Graph
Definition of Gradient
Definition of Ordered Pair
Definition of Pattern
Definition of Plot
Definition of Slope
Definition of Table
Definition of Y Intercept
Equation Grapher
Equation of a Straight Line
Explore the properties of a straight line graph
Function Grapher and Calculator
Gradient (Slope) of a Straight Line
Graph of an Equation
Linear Equation Test
Linear Equations
Slope (Gradient) of a Straight Line
Systems of Linear Equations
Y Intercept of a Straight Line
Activity: Buffon's Needle
Activity: Dropping a Coin onto a Grid
Probability Line
How to Calculate the Mean Value
How to Calculate the Median Value
How to Calculate the Mode or Modal Value
The Mean Machine
Definition of Mean
Definition of Median
Definition of Mode
Definition of Random Sample


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