Pre-Kinder to Year 2
Measurement Index

Activity: Compare Lengths
Activity: Discover Lengths
Activity: Discover Mass
Activity: Grass for the Garden
Activity: Personal Measures
Definition of Attribute
Definition of Compass Points
Definition of Direction
Definition of Estimate
Definition of Estimation
Definition of Horizontal
Definition of Length
Definition of Linear Scale
Definition of Ruler
Definition of Vertical
Direction (NSEW)
Math Trainer - Addition
Metric Length
Metric System of Measurement
Ordering Numbers
US Standard Lengths
Weight or Mass?
12-Month Calendar
A Day ...
Analog and Digital Clocks Animation
Clocks - Digital and Analog
Date and Time Clock
Day of the Week you were Born
Definition of Calendar
Definition of Month
Earth's Orbit and Daylight
Introduction to Days, Weeks, Months and Years
Sun Clock
The Seasons
Time Worksheets
World Time Zones


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